Since 2015 we have been coaching men and women ranging in experience from novice to sub-elite.

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“I can’t say enough positive things about Rosa! As an experienced runner with my own ideas about how I wanted to train, I was ambivalent about getting a running coach before working with Rosa. However, I quickly came to find her guidance invaluable. She is flexible and understanding about structuring training around my work schedule and life stressors, and she is responsive to my input related to workouts, training volume, and recovery. Most importantly, Rosa encourages a healthy, fun approach to training and racing while still having high expectations of what I can accomplish as an athlete. Working with Rosa has given me the confidence to get after it in workouts and to set and achieve ambitious goals for my racing. Thank you, Rosa!”

Steph Douglas

Athlete Since 2018

“David has been coaching me since late 2018. In the past 18 months, I’ve improved my personal bests from 72:27 to 71:33 and 2:38:57 to 2:34:51 in the half and full marathon, respectively. Under his plans I’ve been able to build my mileage and workout intensity sustainably and injury-free, adding about 10 miles per week to my previous highs and completing workouts I didn’t think were possible. I was accustomed to training with a team in high school and college and was skeptical that personal coaching would yield better results. I found that personally-tailored training plans have been extremely helpful in developing me as a better runner. 
David has done a great job of identifying the type of runner I am, building on the strengths and developing the weaknesses. He doesn’t just follow a general marathon plan, but assigns workouts that will be most beneficial to me personally. David is very responsive to changes in training due to little aches and pains or illness and provides great flexibility and understanding in making tweaks to training plans. There have been numerous instances where a snowstorm will interfere with a scheduled workout and I’ve received an updated workout for the treadmill or a rearranged training week. David finds the right balance between pushing you to do things that you might not do on your own while not being too demanding. He does a great job of writing plans that leave space for work, vacation, and fun and values balance in life.”

Henry Wolf

Athlete Since 2018

“I’ve been working with Rosa for a year and a half and have been so happy with her style and process. She takes a holistic approach to coaching and does an amazing job looking at the big picture to assess my strengths, areas for improvement, and long term goals in order to then translate those into a personalized training program filled with workouts specifically targeted to help me reach those goals. She provides strategy at the workout level all the way up to long term plans, like mapping out races for a season.

What’s been even more impressive and important to me is how Rosa takes a very caring approach to understanding me as a person, beyond just being a runner. She’s worked with my personal preferences and helped me adapt my plans around travel or logistical challenges, which takes away the usual stress of feeling bad about not being able to do originally prescribed workouts. She has an incredible sense for knowing where my fitness is and giving me workouts that perfectly meet me where I am while also pushing me to get stronger and faster. She’s also very communicative and responsive and is consistently checking in and adapting my workouts as needed. I don’t know what I’d do without her at this point!!”

Jeanelle Ackerman

Athlete Since 2018

“When I began training for my half marathon a few years ago, I didn’t know where to begin. David was able to work with me in developing a comprehensive training program and race strategy, all while completely remote! Prior to this training, I had never done a single running workout (tempos, hill work, fartleks, track work). David carefully walked through the workouts and detailed the benefits I would get from them. Nearly 4 years later (and many races since), I am working on training for my second marathon with David!”

Will Baker

Athlete Since 2016

“These days it seems like everyone who’s read a Jack Daniel’s training book and placed top 10 at a local 5k thinks they’re qualified to be a running coach. I’m sure those types of coaches are fine for some, but if you want to really unlock your potential as a runner, then Rosa is 100% your coach. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about training in a way a book could never teach, she understands the (often overlooked) mental aspect of racing/training from her many years of top tier competition. I was a competitive high school and DIII runner and started working with Rosa after training consistently for well over a decade, yet she still has been able to coach me to new PRs in almost every distance between 800m and the marathon. Rosa is simply the BEST.”

Sean Edelman

Athlete Since 2018

“Since 2011 I’ve been fortunate to know and work with David Proffitt as a mentor, coach, and most, friend. David approached me in 2011 when he was a sophomore at the University of Tennessee. David came up with a plan to start a club running team on campus. For the next year David laid the ground work to start the program. Writing by-laws, building a website and social platform, the club became a success. When the program started he took the lead role as president. Today TRC is still operating extremely well and still executing the mission that David wrote back in 2011. After College, David decided to focus on his own training. For the next 3 years, I’ve been fortunate to coach David and watch him develop into a wonderful athlete. Mostly what I enjoyed about working with David was watching him become a student of the sport and his remarkable work ethic. David has taken in all kinds of knowledge from his own training but also absorbed different training methods from around the country by reading so many books, following podcasts, and mostly mixing it up with some of the upper echelon athletes and runners around the country. I feel completely confident that David will provide some of the best training methods needed for all levels of athletes. With his knowledge and experience, you will have great guidance in training cycles to come.”

Bobby Holcombe

Founder and Head Coach of Knoxville Endurance

“I have trained under Rosa for 2 years. In that time I have managed to take on more volume than ever before all while remaining injury free. Rosa is very engaging and understanding, she is always receptive to altering the training to best fit my needs and goals. Most importantly Rosa has been a constant motivator for me as I’ve begun to train more seriously after several years away from the sport.”

Tyler Jakubek

Athlete Since 2018