We strive to provide our athletes with a vast library of online resources and community support at their fingertips.

Our goal is to make training easier for our athletes and to foster a community feel among our geographically-distributed runners.

Training Log

We use Final Surge to share training plans with our athletes, which supports automatic activity upload directly from various activity tracking platforms. Athletes are able to access their training plans through the Final Surge website or app. This resource allows coaches to closely monitor each individual athlete’s performance on a daily basis. 

Video library

We have compiled a library of helpful videos that go hand-in-hand with our prescribed training plans for easy access.

Static Stretching
Running Drills
Home Massage
Hip Mobility
Dynamic Stretching

virtual service providers

We have partnered with healthcare professionals who are able to provide virtual services to our athletes to keep them healthy.

Kiera Kenyon

Kiera Kenyon is the owner and founder of the movement wellness company – Movementality, LLC. Kiera is a licensed and certified athletic trainer with experience working with all levels of collegiate athletes. Over the course of her career, she developed an interest and passion in the way people move and educating her clients as she works with them. Kiera has since moved on from collegiate athletics and is helping active individuals challenge, express, and enjoy their lives through movement. Online sessions with Kiera will be about 45 minutes to an hour long and will take an in-depth look at the way you move, teach you self-mobilizations and soft-tissue work, and multi-joint strengthening and coordination training. Kiera prides herself on taking a holistic approach and appreciates that injuries are more than a sum of physical limitations.

Felicia Sciortino

Felicia is a distance runner and physical therapist in Beverly, MA at Orthopaedics Plus. After graduating from Boston University‚Äôs Doctor of Physical Therapy program, she started working at OP treating a variety of injuries from low back pain to concussion, but she have always had a passion for treating and working with runners. This passion comes from personal experience with injury frustration. After filming her running form during PT school and understanding where her injuries stem from, Felicia wrote her thesis on injury prevention via two-dimensional gait analysis. She is now a practicing Physical Therapist with a new virtual service, Limitless Running, that has the means for treating runners and keeping them injury free. Felicia’s running rehabilitation provides you with the tools and education you need to break your injury cycle. Gait analysis sessions with Felicia will consist of the following:

  • Comprehensive breakdown of key running form impairments
  • Physical assessment of strength, flexibility and joint mobility
  • Targeted strength and conditioning
  • Interventions to address physical limitations
  • Gait retraining that addresses your specific impairments