At East by West we believe all athletes should be treated equally. We offer one standard plan with multiple pricing options to help each individual runner achieve their goals. Additional services and pricing can be discussed during the introduction phone call.

Standard Plan

Personalized Schedule

  • Weekly-updated running schedule through Final Surge
  • Supplemental strength and mobility plans
  • Cross training plans if necessary

Unlimited Communication

  • Email and text as needed
  • Monthly, scheduled check-in phone calls
  • Race planning phone calls if applicable

Athlete Resources

  • Internal network of virtual service providers
  • Library of training resources
  • Community page and blog

Optional services

Inquire About the Following

  • Developmental strength training plans
  • Race day/weekend travel support
  • In-person coaching (location dependent)

Standard Pricing Options

Our standard plan is offered with 3 pricing options. All prices are shown on a monthly basis. 

Athletes are able to upgrade to a new plan at any time, and the new price will go into effect the following month.

$ 130
Month to month
$ 115
6 month plan
$ 100
12 month plan
50 %
Student Discount