Individuality Promotes Balance

We share this methodology and believe it clearly portrays itself in our partnership. Our running backgrounds are extremely different, however over the years we have learned many of the same lessons and developed the same fundamental beliefs. We are constantly learning from each other and feel this dynamic creates a beneficial coaching environment for our athletes.


We, as coaches, believe in promoting the balance of an athlete’s life. We want to help you fit your training into your life, not the other way around. Sacrifices will undoubtedly be needed at times as that’s what dedication to a goal is all about. However, we fundamentally believe that asking athletes to place running above their other individual priorities is a recipe for a disaster.

Where does running fall on your list of priorities? How do you fit it in with the rest of your life? These are the important questions to ask yourself in order to facilitate a long-lasting symbiotic relationship between training and the other parts of life.

We would like to help you figure out this balance so that you can get as much enjoyment and fulfillment out of this sport as we both have and continue to do.


We believe that all runners chasing a goal deserve equal treatment. Whether you’re chasing a BQ, running for the first time, or trying to get back to running pain-free again, we give each of our athletes the proper training, care, and attention they need.

However, we firmly believe that all runners are different, and as in life, our differences are important and even make us stronger. We believe the same logic should be applied to coaching and training – different runners require different coaching styles and training methodologies. Far too often we feel that coaches try to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to their athletes, resulting in success for some and missed potential for others.

We believe in having a firm knowledge of many different coaching methodologies and techniques. Knowing how and when to apply these to different athletes develops a truly individualized plan and drives long-term success.