Interview with the Good Boys Denver

Interview with the Good Boys Denver

We had the chance to ask our friends, the Good Boys, some questions about their team, trials experience, and upcoming race series. Learn more below about these Denver-based, corgi-loving, Wash Park-looping friends of ExW. And if you’re in the Denver area, come jump into their track meets this spring! (April 16th, 30th, & May 21st) Follow them on social media to show your support and learn more about their races: @goodboysdenver

Name: Garret Lee, Kyle King, Dave Marks, & Charles Remillard 

Age: 27-31

Originally from: Littleton, CO, Lake Oswego, OR, Peru, NY

Favorite race distance: Full & Half Marathon

When did you start running and why?

Charles: I started running because my sister ran cross country in high school and I thought that it looked cool!  However, I was a football player and that is kind of what the boys in my family were known for.  However, my math teacher in high school was Mr. McDougal, who was the father of NCAA cross country champion Josh Mcdougal, and it was really inspiring to be exposed to this side of the elite running community.  After playing football for 4 years and only scoring a single two point conversion I decided that maybe football wasn’t my thing and  I should start running a bit more. I had already been running outdoor track, but made the switch to cross country and continued to make friendships and memories along the way. 

What’s your favorite or a staple workout of yours?

Garret: The Michigan, 3x5k, or Moneghetti Fartlek

How did the Good Boys Running Club start?

Kyle convinced Garret to get on board with his coach in January 2019. After Kyle ran 2:18 at Eugene, Charles asked him what his secret sauce was. Dave soon too jumped into the Hammer coaching.

How did you choose the name?

Dave: I’d like to think it started when I made my singlet with just a corgi on it. Had the idea of creating the Corgi Athletic Club but not everyone likes corgis (according to Garret) so we came up with just “Good Boys.” 

And how about the logo?

Kyle: Per Dave’s 3 corgis, a running corgi became our logo.

How did it feel when you made the trails? And when you realized all of your teammates did as well?

Charles: I totally ran scared out of my mind that day.  I was super fortunate to run side-by-side with Garret for the first 18 miles or so.  Then a group appeared to be breaking off from our pack and I was nervous that they were on pace and our pack was not.  So I guess I was kinda a bad teammate because I was totally freaked out and left Garret’s side (even though he did steal water from me at one of the aid stations…).  However, when I saw the clock with less than 100 meters left in the race and I heard Kyle yell “Go Charles!” I gave some fist pumps and then was totally floored when I saw the rest of my teammates cross in Olympic Trial qualifying fashion. Truly one of the most incredible feelings out there!

Tell us about your OT experience – the race, a memorable experience, etc.

Garret: Coolest race environment of my life. The course was completely packed and absurdly loud. Great to see my family and friends travel all the way there to watch the race. Definitely memorable and excited to try for it again in 2024. 

How did you find the motivation to trail during a year with incredibly limited racing?

Dave: The trials helped and still does. I know that if I can string together 3-6 months of healthy training, I can be competitive with a lot of guys. I saw a glimpse of that in January with the Half Marathon in Vegas. I hope that is a look of what’s to come later this fall. 

What made you want to host your own race series?

Kyle: A few reasons: we feel the need to get some faster race reps to knock off some rust. We also have some high school PRs we’d like to flirt with. Plus it’s nice to not have to travel and to open up the opportunity to others. We’re excited to try to build some community amongst the Denver runners. 

Tell us a bit about the race series – any one in particular you’re looking forward to?

Garret: It should be a pretty fun series. Very low key (not professionally timed). Get the music bumping and get some old friends together. I’m most excited for the mile. All about the mile. Maybe I’ll think about the other ones after, but for now I’m excited to break my high school mile PR (4:34) 10 years later. 

What are your personal running goals moving forward?

Charles: I want to get quicker, specifically in the half marathon.  Also I would like to have some good times running some fast times with my boys!  Along with Garret I would love to try and run sub 2:14 at grandmas.  Also Kyle and I have the goal of running the entire Colorado Trail this summer!  So that should be interesting! 

What are your next team goals?

Get healthy at the same time. Run Fast. Pet Dogs.

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