We are David and Rosa — two east coast natives now located in Colorado with a passion for all things running. Having met through the Denver running community, we immediately found common ground in coaching. After hours spent discussing our different coaching styles and similar coaching values, we decided to build a personal coaching platform together. We continue to learn from one another and believe our unique combination of styles, methodology, and passion creates a beneficial and supportive platform for our athletes. 

Rosa Moriello


Running Background

Running since 2006

Ran at Boston University from 2010 to 2015

Represents the Heartbreakers, Boston-based team, post-college

  • 4 x top 10 finishes at USATF Championship races
  • 2 x Team USA for Great Edinburgh Cross Country Race 

Coaching Background

Coached at Simmons University and Boston University

Personal coaching since 2016: 800 to marathon, both men and women, from new runners to sub-elite

Since Then

Rosa continues to run for the love of the sport. Now taking a step away from the high-level competition scene of track and road racing, she is transitioning to a new focus on trail.

Rosa's Coaching and Beliefs


My goal as a coach is to make sure that athletes are having fun, are happy, and love this sport. I never want an athlete to feel this sport is a chore or becomes something they hate. I want athletes to continue to love this sport well after they are done achieving their goals and working with me as a coach. 


I want to make sure that my athletes have a good balance with running and life. One should never take over for another. I  provide the right amount of coaching to match where running is prioritized in my athletes own life.


Being healthy is the key to achieving goals. Making sure my athletes are healthy is a high priority. Whether it’s considering time off, adding in cross training, or adjusting schedules, I will do what my athlete and I feel needs to be done to stay healthy. Consistency is key and a healthy athlete is a happy athlete.


Open and honest communication are important in any coach/athlete relationship. As a coach, I want to know detailed feedback about training I’ve provided, how my athletes are feeling physically (pains, aches, tiredness, sores, etc.), how they are feeling mentally, and how their other priorities are affecting their running. I am always happy to adjust training to fit the needs of my athletes, but I need the open and honest communication to know to do so.

David Proffitt


Running Background

Running since 2007

First marathon in 2012 – hooked on the distance ever since

Founded and represented the Tennessee Running Club during college

  • Provided all students with opportunity to race as a team
  • Led initial roster of 10 to 50+ active members in 3 years

Coaching Background

Coached with TRC and Knoxville Youth Athletics in college

Personal coaching since 2016: 5k to ultramarathon, both men and women, from new runners to sub-elite

Since Then

David is currently pursuing a qualifier for the 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials, after which he is determined to let his long-time passion for trail running get the better of him.

David's Coaching and Beliefs


I firmly believe that happiness in life can only be achieved through knowledge and acceptance of one’s priorities, and running is no different than any other aspect of life. It’s up to you as an athlete to know where it falls on your priority list and be transparent about that. It’s up to me as a coach to be knowledgeable and accepting of each of my athlete’s priorities and cater their training schedules appropriately in order to help facilitate happiness and long-lasting enjoyment with the sport.


All runners are different; to ignore this fact is to be foolish. I make a point to continually study various training methodologies, and reevaluate my own, in order to be the most knowledgeable coach that I can be for my athletes. I also always try to learn from my athletes because each is unique and those differences ultimately teach me lessons to apply to others. 


Balance and individuality may be the most important pillars to me when it comes to coaching, but without a strong foundation of bidirectional communication between myself and my athletes, there’s no way to insure that those pillars are adhered to. I want to facilitate a relationship of trust with my athletes where bidirectional communication comes naturally.


I have learned over my years of experiencing plenty of running injuries how stressful and frustrating they can be. It’s my goal as a coach to keep you healthy first, and then make you fast! I’m a big believer in soft surface running and home maintenance therapy as some of the best “little things” that can be done to avoid injury, so my athletes can expect to hear me talk about these things often. I also believe in the concept of surface mutualism between road and trail and will often suggest that my road athletes log some trail miles and vice versa.